Connect SubWallet to Kintsugi Portal

For instructions on creating a Kintsugi account with SubWallet, please visit Create an Account

Step 1: Log into Kintsugi Portal. The SubWallet extension automatically prompts you to connect. Choose the account(s) you want to use with Kintsugi and hit Connect.

Step 2: On the top right corner, hit Select Wallet and choose SubWallet. Then select your desired account.

Bridge BTC

Mint kBTC

Step 1: On the left menu, select Bridge. Choose the Issue tab.

Step 2: Enter the amount of BTC and the system will automatically select a vault for you. If you prefer to select the vault yourself, click Manually Select Vault and choose from the drop-down list. Then hit Confirm.

Make sure you have enough KINT to pay for the transaction fee.

Step 3: In SubWallet's pop-up window, key in your password and hit Approve.

Step 4: Deposit your BTC to the address shown on the pop-up message or scan the QR code. When finished, click I have made the payment. You can view your transaction on the Transactions tab.

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