Transfer and Receive Assets

Transactions inside Polkadot ecosystem within a few clicks.


Step 1: Choose the chain that you want to send assets to and click the Send icon. Key in the recipient wallet address and the amount you want to send. Note that with this function, you can only perform single-chain transactions, e.g. from Polkadot wallet to Polkadot wallet or Moonbeam wallet to Moonbeam wallet.

Step 2: Type your password to unlock and send assets. Before clicking Make Transfer to proceed with the transaction, it is always better to double-check the recipient address and the amount you are sending.

Step 3: After your fund has been successfully transferred, the transaction log is available in your wallet. You can also check your transaction on SubScan if you wish to.


Step 1: Find your SubWallet address (if you don't know yet) by clicking the Receive icon. The long sequence containing both numbers and letters is your wallet address.

Step 2: Hit the copy button and share your wallet address with your sender.

WARNING: DO NOT share your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase) or JSON backup file with anyone! SubWallet will never ask for your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase) or JSON file, even in a customer support scenario. You can not change or edit your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase).

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