Staking compound

Step 1: Open the wallet and choose the Staking tab. To compound,your stake, please make sure you are not in the All Accounts mode.

Please choose the stake that you want to compound and click the three dots next to it. There would be a drop down of options. Please choose "Compound stake".

Step 2: Input your compounding threshold and click "Next".

Step 3: Input your password to authorize the transaction and click "Confirm".

After successfully compound your stake, if you repeat Step 1, you would see the compounding task you have assign the wallet to do.

If you want to cancel the task, click the "Cancel task" button, input password and confirm your decision.

We currently have not yet supported compound staking for all the tokens. Please check the specific tokens you want to compound; if the drop down menu does not have the compound button, it means we are currently not supporting compound staking for it.

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