Collect NFT

Buy NFTs from Singular

Step 1: In SubWallet, click the Browser tab. Then choose the Singular URL.

Step 2: Connect SubWallet with the Singular dApp. You can choose one account or many accounts to connect with dApp. In this case we are connecting all accounts.

Step 3: In Singular, choose the NFT you want to buy.

You can change the account you want to use to buy NFT within the Singular dApp, as long as you have more than 1 accounts connected to the dApp. Step 1: Click the Account item on Singular.

Step 2: Click Select account.

Step 4: Click Buy now.

Step 5: Tick the I consent checkbox and click Buy now to proceed with the transaction.

Step 6: In the pop-up, enter your password and click Approve to proceed with the transaction.

Step 7: Singular would check your balance and carry out the request. Stay tuned!

Step 8: The NFT is now yours! Note that your address has been displayed in the Owned by section. You can also list your NFT for sale.

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