Buy crypto from fiat money

On-ramp crypto purchase for several tokens.

Step 1: Open the wallet and choose the "Receive" button. You would see two options. Choose "Buy crypto from fiat". Please make sure that you are not in the "All accounts" mode.

Step 2: Choose the network associates with the token you want to buy. Please note that most on-ramp service providers only work with main tokens of the network. In this case, if you choose Polkadot Relay Chain, the token you would be able to buy is DOT.

Step 3: Choose service provider. We are currently working with Transak, MoonPay and Onramper.

However, not every token/network is supported. If you interact with the screen and find the selection of service provider muted, it means we are currently not supporting on-ramp buying for your selected network.

Step 4: The wallet would redirect you to the service provider's website. Please continue your transaction there.

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