In-app browser

Step 1: Open the wallet and click the Browser tab. Then use the search bar to search for the application you want to use.

In this example, we are connecting with

Step 2: In the dApp, find the Connect Wallet button. Depends on the dApp, this option would be in different locations. In this case, the Connect Wallet button is placed in a navigation list.

Step 3: Click the Connect Wallet button and choose SubWallet.

Step 4: Choose the accounts you want to use and click Connect to approve request for dApp connection.

Step 5: After your accounts are succesfully connected with the dApp, you can switch between different accounts directly on the dApp.

If you want to read about another example with using in-app browser with SubWallet, here is how you can use SubWallet in-app browser to directly buy and collect NFTs with your mobile device.

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