Import Token

To add your token to SubWallet

Step 1: Open the wallet and scroll down to find the token you want to use. If you cannot see such a token in our token list, you have the option to manually add it. Please click the "import token" option at the end of the token list.

(Tips: you might want to select the "Show Zero Balances" option to see the full list of our supported tokens. This option allows you to see the assets of which your balance is zero.)

Step 2: In the Import token section, please fill in the required information and click the "Add Token" button.

Please note that we do not ACTIVELY support your manually imported tokens; therefore, if you engage in transactions such as sending and receiving of these tokens, we would show you the exact responses from the contract specified by the contract address that you have provided.

We are happy to support with any issues you have via Discord and Telegram, but please note that our developers would not have full knowledge of your manually imported tokens.

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