Claim rewards

Step 1: Open the wallet and choose the Staking tab. To claim staking rewards, please make sure you are not in the All Accounts mode.

Please choose the stake that you want to claim rewards from and click the three dots next to it. There would be a drop down of options. Please choose "Claim rewards".

For nominator staking (displayed on the screen as "Nominated balance"), we currently have not yet supported claiming rewards for all the tokens. Please check the specific tokens you want to claim; if the drop down menu does not have the claim rewards button, it means we are currently not supporting claiming rewards for it.

For nomination pool staking, we currently support all tokens. So if your stake is identified as "Pooled balance", you can claim rewards for it.

Step 2: Input your password to authorize the transaction and click "Confirm".

We do not track your transactions, so we would not be able to tell you exactly how much you have claimed. Please notice changes in your balance of the specific token you have claimed; an increase in your balance would be a sign of staking rewards.

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