Collect and Transfer NFTs

In a matter of minutes within your Polkadot wallet.

Collect on Singular

Step 1: On Singular, hit Connect, choose SubWallet and click on the account you want to use.

Step 2: After deciding which NFT you want to collect, hit Buy now. On the pop-up box, tick I Consent and click Buy now.

Step 3: You will be taken to SubWallet pop-up window to sign the transaction. Enter your password and hit Approve.

Step 4: Open SubWallet extension and click on NFTs tab. You will see the NFT you have just collected there, as well as the option List for sale on Singular.


Step 1: Open SubWallet extension and click on the NFTs tab. Pick the network from the top drop-down menu. Choose the collection and then the NFT that you want to send. Click on the NFT and scroll down to hit the Send button.

Step 2: Choose the recipient address from the drop-down list or enter it manually. Hit Send.

Step 3: Key in your password then click Sign and Submit. Your transaction is successful.

Step 4: Click on View Transaction to take a look at the transaction on Subcan. It is always a good idea to double-check with the recipient address whether or not the NFT is available in their wallet.

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