Stake DOT in Nomination Pool with Ledger

Connect Ledger device

Set up Ledeger

Step 1: Connect Ledger to your computer using the USB cable. Please make sure to enter your PIN code. Press the right button to go up, left button to go down and both buttons simultaneously to validate.

Step 2: Use 2 buttons of the Ledger to move back and forth and choose Close exit control center section by pushing both buttons at the same time.

You would see a screen as below, press the right button:

Step 3: Press both buttons simultaneously to open the dashboard.

Import Ledger account to SubWallet Extension

Step 1: Open SubWallet Extension, then click on the round item up on the upper right corner of the wallet. You would see the Account section as below:

Please choose Connect Ledger device, you would see the Import Ledger Account section.

Step 2: Click on the toggle next to Select Network and select a network of your choice. Don’t forget to fill in the name for your account and choose your account type by clicking on the toggle next to Account type 0.

In this example, we are connecting to Account type 0 named Polkadot on Polkadot Relay Chain.

Step 3: Select Import Account button, your Ledger is successfully connected!

Stake DOT in Nomination Pools

Detailed instruction can be found here:

Sign transaction with Ledger

Step 1: After submitting DOT to Polkadot Nomination Pool, SubWallet Extension would ask for your approval. Please click on Sign on Ledger button.

Step 2: Please review all staking details before approving the transaction. Scroll to the left for each staking detail pressing the right button.

Step 3: Approve your transaction by pressing both buttons simultaneously in Approve section.

If you see Polkadot ready screen as below, your DOT is successfully staked in Polkadot Nomination Pool!

You can also check out the staking details on Polkadot Dashboard or right in SubWallet Staking section.

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