Import by secret phrase

Step 1: After following the steps to arrive at the Add account section, please choose the Import by secret phrase option.

Step 2: Choose the type of account you want to import.

Please note that one secret phrase can derive both EVM and Substrate accounts, but currently we are not allowing them to be imported at once.

If you have assets on both EVM chains and Substrate chains that associate with the same secret phrase, please import them twice and choose a different type of account each time.

Step 3: Type the secret phrase and click Continue.

Step 4: Name your account and set up a password. This password would be crucial, as we would ask you to provide password for every transaction. Please note that SubWallet is non-custodial, so you would be the only person who know your password; we cannot help you restore or change password. Please make sure that your password is well-kept.

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