Why does SubWallet show nothing when I use the extension on Brave?

If the extension keeps on loading and does not show balances on all networks like this, try the following steps.

Step 1: Go to brave://flags/ and type "websockets" on the Search bar. In the drop-down menu, select Disabled.

Step 2: Brave will ask you to relaunch the browser so that the change can take effect. Click Relaunch and open SubWallet extension again. Your balances should all show up now.

Why do some of my nodes keep on showing nothing?

This might result from a broken link to the nodes. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Reload the network using the Reload icon next to the network's account. If the network continues to load, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Click on the Edit icon to edit the network endpoints. Under Provider URL, click on the drop-down menu and choose a different link. Hit Save, then hit Done.

I want to log off my wallet when I’m not at my computer. Can I do this with SubWallet?

For now, SubWallet extension doesn't have the lock feature, so you can not lock/log off your wallet.

To keep the security of your assets, the wallet requires password everytime you submit a transaction, so no one will be able to transfer your assets without a password.

Our developers are working on the master password and locking mechanism.

Where can I get my account address?

Your account address should be visible under your account name. If you cannot see the address, it is likely that you are in the All Accounts mode. Since an address must go with a specific account, you would need to choose the exact account you want to get the address for.

To choose an account, click on the round item on the upper right corner of the wallet, scroll and choose the specific account you want, and the address would be visible.

I cannot see my assets. What’s the problem?

Make sure to activate the network you have assets on.

In case you have your network activated but still cannot see the asset, you might want to restart the wallet or check again later. Some networks have slow processing speed and sometimes nodes can be unstable. If you need extra support, you can always visit us on Discord and Telegram.

I imported an account from another wallet and now I cannot see my assets. What is the problem?

Please make sure that you have activated the network on which you have the assets

In some cases, if you import account by seedphrase, problems can arise if the seedphrase of your original wallet is not compatible with SubWallet. Trust Wallet and Safepal are among the wallets not compatible with us. In this case, we would suggest you create a new wallet account with SubWallet and transfer your assets from your original wallet to this new account.

To create a new wallet account with SubWallet, please follow the instruction here.

To receive assets with SubWallet account, please follow the instruction here.

If you need further information, feel free to reach out to us via Discord and Telegram.

How do I add my USDT/USDC to SubWallet?

You can transfer USDC/USDT to SubWallet using the Moonbeam network.

I cannot unstake. What might be the problem?

The unstake feature can be unavailabe if you haven’t yet withdrawn the amount you have unstaked earlier. Please claim/withdraw the assets you had unstaked before and you can continue unstaking.

Where can I withdraw my unstaked amount?

Before withdrawing your unstaked assets, please make sure that you are NOT in All Accounts mode, since this is a read-only mode. Then please follow the instruction for unstaking & withdrawing here.

I cannot find some of the functions I want to use / some of the functions on my screen are disabled

If some features on your homescreen such as Send funds, Receive, etc… are disabled, it is likely that you are in the All Accounts mode.

Please click the round item on the upper right corner of your wallet, scroll to see your accounts and choose the account you want to use. Once a specific account has been chosen, the buttons would be enabled.

I cannot see my staking rewards

For some networks, there has not been any data indexers to track real-time information about your staking rewards. However, you can observe your balance to know whether or not your staking is paying off. A slight increase in your total balance would be a sign of staking rewards

Would my staking reward be restaked automatically?

If you stake on a parachain, your staking reward would NOT be restaked automatically.

If you stake on a relaychain or solochain, then your staking reward would be restaked automatically.

If you stake your assets via a nomination pool, your staking reward would NOT be restaked automatically.

Problems connecting with Astar portal

Due to some problems with Astar portal, you might have to refresh the webpage, or if you have connected Astar with SubWallet before, forget site in SubWallet before you can access Astar.

My transaction was successful but cannot see it in the transaction tab

We are still working on the transaction history feature and the wallet might not display all transactions. If this problem is applicable to you, please reach out to us via Discord and Telegram.

I cannot see my NFTs

Please make sure that you have manually imported your NFTs into SubWallet.

In case you have imported your NFTs into SubWallet, it might take some loading time for the wallet to display them. Please wait for a while and check again later.

I cannot see my crowdloans in SubWallet

At the moment, if you participate in crowdloans via third parties such as Bifrost Finance and Parallel Finance, your crowdloans would not be visible in SubWallet.

I lost my account after a transaction

Before signing a transaction, please make sure that the remaining balance in your account after that transaction is above the existential deposit amount. More information on existential balance can be found here.

The network I want to use keeps showing the loading icon.

It might be the case that the endpoint (provider) are disconnected. Please follow these steps to change provider for such network:

I cannot see my Astar EVM deposit in SubWallet.

Due to differences in the cryptography algorithm between SubWallet and Astar, our wallet might not display the correct information about your Astar EVM deposit. However, it does not mean that your assets are gone; you can still see them in the Astar portal. Something to remember is that funds aren't locked in wallets. They are on chains.

Please connect your Substrate wallet account (SubWallet native account) to the Astar portal following the instruction here, and scroll down to see your EVM deposit.

If you still want to see your Astar EVM deposit in SubWallet, we would suggest you import the corresponding EVM account of your SubWallet native account into SubWallet, using the read-only account feature.

To get the corresponding EVM address for your SubWallet native account, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit SubScan and choose the Astar network

Step 2: In the Astar Explorer site in SubScan, please choose Account Format Transform in Tools:

Then, input the SubWallet native account address into the textbox, choose H160 as your Output type, and click the Transform button.

The result you see on the right side of the screen is your corresponding EVM address for your SubWallet native account.

Step 3: Please import this address back to SubWallet using the read-only account feature.

I cannot use dApp after connecting dApp with SubWallet extension

This issue can happen if you have multiple extension wallets with your browser. Extension wallets can cause conflict among each other.

We would suggest you disable other extension wallets and reconnect SubWallet. If that also does not work, please reach out to us via via Discord and Telegram.

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