Receive tokens

If you want to receive tokens

All you need would be your wallet address. You would need to show your wallet address to your counter-party, and they can send their assets to such address.

Step 1: Click the Receive button on your home screen.

Step 2: Choose the account you want to store the assets once received.

The above display applies when you start the action from All accounts mode.

If you are already in a single-account mode, the wallet would jump directly from Step 1 to the following Step 3:

Step 3: Choose the asset you would like to receive.

Step 4: Get your wallet address & share it with your sender! You can get the address in text form by clicking the icon next to the wallet address, or share the QR code version.

If you click the Share button on the screen, the wallet would treat your wallet address as a message and ask you to send via messaging application such as Telegtam, WhatsApp, etc...

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