Connect Ledger device

This document will show you How to Connect a Ledger device to SubWallet.

Step 1: Have your Ledger device ready & connected to your computer. Choose the dApp on your Ledger.

Step 2: Open SubWallet homepage and click on the account name to get to the account management screen.

Step 3: Choose the attach account icon on the lower right corner.

Step 3: Choose "Connect Ledger device".

Step 4: Select the network according to the current dApp on your Ledger and click "Connect". Your extension would display the following pop-up:

`Click on the device name (Nano X in this case) and click "Connect".

Step 5: After your Ledger has been successfully found by SubWallet, click "Connect Ledger device".

Please remember that you have to turn on the corresponding app on the Ledger device.

Step 6: Choose the account you want to use then click "Connect Ledger device"

Step 7: Your Ledger account is ready!

If you get to the account list (repeat Step 2) you can see your Ledger account there.

Note: If you have an account attached from Ledger, it can only handle assets like tokens and NFTs within the specific network associated with that account.

For instance: If you have an account attached from Ledger with the Polkadot network, you can only manage assets within the Polkadot network using SubWallet.

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