Transfer tokens

Perform single-chain and cross-chain (XCM) token transfer with SubWallet

Step 1: Open SubWallet and click the Send button.

You would be directed to a transaction request screen.

Step 2: Enter the information for the transaction and click the "Transfer" button.

In this example, we are sending tokens in "All accounts" mode.

If you are in a single-account mode, you would not have to select sending account.

To switch between two modes, please follow this guide.

SubWallet supports both single-chain and cross-chain transfer (also known as XCM transfer or teleport). To perform XCM, you would only need to select the desired destination chain when filling in the transaction request.

A completed transfer request form would look like the following image:

Click "Transfer" to continue.

Step 3: Click "Approve" to confirm the transaction request.

Step 4: Enter password and click "Apply" to continue.

Step 5: Your transaction has been submitted.

If you click "view transaction", the wallet would show you the latest transaction record in your transaction history which corresponds with the extrinsic hash of this action. To manually navigate to the transaction history section from Homepage, please follow this guide.

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