Manage dApp list

This document will show you features you can do in the dApps tab on SubWallet's web dashboard.

In the web dashboard interface, users can view, search, and bookmark their favorite dApps.

When you click on the dApp(s), you will be redirected to the dApp(s)' websites.

Here, we have categorized the dApps into a wide range of different categories, which you can view by selecting the tabs here.

To bookmark a dApp as a favorite, click on the star icon here.

When a dApp is bookmarked as a favorite, it will be prioritized and displayed at the top of the page.

Additionally, you can by entering the name in the search box here.

We also provide a filter function in the search box to refine your search further.

Click on the toggle, choose the filter(s) you want to apply, and then choose "Apply filter".

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