Mission Pools

This document will show you how to participate in many airdrop campaigns with the Mission Pools feature on SubWallet.

This feature allows you to participate in various live and upcoming airdrop campaigns on the Polkadot ecosystem with just a few clicks on SubWallet. Grab yourself a chance to earn amazing rewards that will boost your balance significantly!

Step 1: On the SubWallet homepage, click on the list item at the upper left corner to get to the Settings section.

Step 2: In the Settings section, choose “Mission Pools”.

Step 3: Select the campaign you want to join from the list.

With each campaign, we provide all the information needed so you can decide whether to participate or not. This includes:

  • Campaign name

  • Supported network(s) for the campaign

  • Status: upcoming, live or archived

  • Campaign’s description

  • Total token supply

  • Total rewards

  • Timeline

  • Total winners

  • : Campaign homepage

  • : Campaign Twitter (X) site.

Once you have chosen a campaign, click "Join now".

You will be directed to the airdrop campaign site. Complete all the tasks and quests, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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