Connect dApp with WalletConnect

This document will show you how to connect dApp with WalletConnect.

WalletConnect is a protocol that securely connects users' cryptocurrency wallets with decentralized applications (dApps), enabling convenient and secure interaction between the two. It eliminates the need for manual entry of wallet information and enhances security in transactions and account access.

Connect dApp with WalletConnect

Step 1: Open the dApp you want to connect with WalletConnect.

Step 2: Then, click "Connect Wallet" and choose "WalletConnect".

In here. we are using Moonbeam as an example.

A WalletConnect window will pop up, choose the way you want to connect your wallet.

Here, there will be 2 ways to connect your wallet:

  • Save the QR code and use it to connect.

  • Copy the URI link by clicking here and use it to connect.

Step 3: Open SubWallet's web dashboard and click this icon.

Step 4: In this step, choose a preferred way to connect.

Paste the copied URI link or upload the QR code picture here.

Then click "Connect".

Step 5: A pop-up will appear, choose the account(s) you want to connect and click "Approve".

Disconnect dApp with WalletConnect

Step 1: On SubWallet's web dashboard homepage, click on the WalletConnect icon:

Step 2: In here, choose the dApp you want to disconnect. Then click "Disconnect".

Read the notice carefully and then click "Disconnect":

If you disconnect successfully, the WalletConnect setting screen will no longer display the dApp you previously connected to:

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