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Install SubWallet

This document will show you how to install SubWallet - A comprehensive non-custodial wallet on browsers including Chrome, Brave, Firefox & MS Edge.
Browser extension of the comprehensive non-custodial Polkadot, Subtrate & Ethereum wallet is now available on Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox & MS Edge.

Google Chrome, Brave & MS Edge

Below is the installation process on Google Chrome. The same process applies to Brave and MS Edge.
Step 1: Visit the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome:
Step 2: A pop-up would appear. Click "Add extension" to continue.
Step 3: Click on the extension icon and pin SubWallet Extension. You have successfully installed the ultimate Polkadot wallet extension!


Step 1: Visit the Firefox Browser Add-ons and click Add to Firefox:
Step 2: When prompted, click Add. If you would like to use SubWallet in private windows, tick Allow this extension to run in Private Windows.
Last modified 3mo ago