Transfer NFT

Step 1: Open the NFT tab in SubWallet and scroll to see your NFT collections. Choose the collection of the NFT you want to send.

Step 2: Choose NFT in the choosen collection, scroll to see the details and click "Send".

Please notice the chain in which you have the NFT on, because you could only send and NFT to an account that is of the same type with the chain. In this example. the NFT is on the Kusama chain - a Substrate chain, so you know that the receiving account must be a Substrate account.

Step 3: Enter the receiving account address. Since we are sending and NFT that exists on Kusama, you would need to enter a Substrate account address. Then click "Next".

Step 4: Click "Approve" to confirm transaction.

Step 5: Enter password and click "Apply".

Your transaction is submitted!

You can either go back to homepage or view the "receipt" of your transaction in the transaction history.

If you click "view transaction", the wallet would show you the latest transaction record in your transaction history which corresponds with the extrinsic hash of this action. To manually navigate to the transaction history section from Homepage, please follow this guide.

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