Forgot password

This document will show you what to do when you forgot password on SubWallet.

If you forgot your account password, don't worry! You can still continue the process by re-importing your account to the extension. Simply ensure you have your seed phrase/JS backup file/private key/QR backup code, and you can easily regain access to your account.

Step 1: At the welcome page, click "Don't remember your password?".

Step 2: Here, there will be 2 options provided:

  • Reset account

  • Erase all

Choose the option you want to apply:

With the "Reset account" option

Once you have clicked this option, all the accounts you have imported/attached will be removed.

You will be directed to the Welcome screen.

This action will reset your account to the initial settings when you first use the app.

The networks and tokens you have manually turned on/added will be automatically turned off/deleted. You will have to turn on or add your networks/tokens manually.

With the "Erase all" option

Like the "Reset account" option, all the accounts you have imported/attached will be removed, and you will be directed to the Welcome screen. But there are some differences!

This action will reset all the information associated with your account, including your:

  • Balances & NFTs

  • Staking

  • Crowdloans

  • Transactions (History)

  • List custom network and token

  • Chain state, asset state

  • Setting: PIN code, Security, Language, Website Access...

  • Manage address book.

Step 3: In this step, choose "Import an account" to re-import your forgotten account using your seed phrase/JSON backup file/private key/QR backup code. For instructions on how to import an account, click here.

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