Export & backup accounts

This document will show you how to export & backup accounts on SubWallet.

Export & backup an account

Export your private key in different forms of backup files, and use these files to restore & import the account again if you so wish.

Depending on the type of account you want to export, SubWallet supports different export methods:

Account's typeSupported export method

Polkadot (Substrate) account

  • Export seed phrase

  • Export JSON file

  • Export QR code

Ethereum (EVM) acccount

  • Export seed phrase

  • Export JSON file

  • Export private key

  • Export QR code

Watch-only account


Ledger account


QR-signer account


Step 1: On the SubWallet homepage, click on the account name to get to the account selection tab.

Step 2: In the account selection tab, click the edit icon on the right-hand side of the account you wish to export.

In this example, we chose account "Andy" - a Polkadot (Substrate) account - to export.

Step 3: In the Account details section, choose "Export".

Step 4: Enter your password.

You will notice that even if you correctly enter your password, the "Confirm" button is still unavailable. You would need to choose your preferred form of export file to continue.

As "Andy" is a Polkadot account, there are 3 options to export the private key, as listed in the table above.

Step 5: Choose your preferred way(s) to export your private key. Then, click "Confirm".

Please save and keep your backup files in a secure place.

Do not share these files because they contain your private key; anyone with these files can use your assets.

Furthermore, you would need these backup files to restore your account in case you forget your SubWallet password.

Export multiple accounts

This feature allows users to export the private keys of multiple accounts (whether they are Polkadot accounts or Ethereum accounts) in the form of one JSON file.

In this example, we will export multiple accounts on the SubWallet extension using the Chrome browser.

Step 1: On the SubWallet homepage, click on the account name to get to the account selection tab.

Step 3: In the Export account screen, select as many accounts to export as you wish.

In this example, we want to export 4 accounts. Once done, click on the "Export 4 accounts" button.

Step 4: Enter your password to confirm, then click "Submit" to proceed.

Once clicked, the Chrome browser will download a JSON file.

Step 5: You have successfully exported multiple accounts! Click "Finish" to return to the homepage.

If you want to import these accounts to use them on other devices and browsers, you can import the JSON file downloaded from Step 4 using this guide.

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