Receive tokens and NFTs

This document will show you How to Receive tokens and NFTs on SubWallet.
All you need would be your wallet address. However, pay extra attention to the chain you are getting the address for.

Receive tokens

All you need would be your wallet address. You would need to show your wallet address to your counter-party, and they can send their assets to such address.
Please follow the instruction below to get your wallet address.
Step 1: Open SubWallet homepage and click the "Receive" button on your homescreen.
Step 2: Choose your receiving account.
You would only have to go through Step 2 if you are in "All accounts" mode. If you are in Single-account mode, you would jump to Step 3 right after Step 1.
Step 3: Choose the token you want to receive.
Please note that we also support receiving cross-chain tokens, so be careful when choosing the token in this list.
For example, let's say you want to receive DOT.
SubWallet support DOT on Polkadot, DOT on Astar, DOT on Moonbeam, etc... so please be careful when choosing the token. Otherwise your sender might send assets to the wrong chain and you would need to do extra steps with additional fees to have it on your desired chain.
Please notice the chain logo and the chain name under the token name.
In this example, we want to receive DOT on Astar.
Step 4: Get your address.
You could share this QR code with your sender, or click the "copy" icon next to your address and send it to your sender.
As mentioned above, in this example we want to receive DOT on Astar, so the address should be an Astar address! You could double-check the address by viewing it on explorer.

Receive NFT

You would need to know the chain in which the NFT exists.
The steps are identical to the above instruction for receiving tokens, yet in Step 3, you should pay more attention to the chain instead of the token.