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Create a new account with new seed phrase

This document will show you how to create a new account on SubWallet.

If you are new to SubWallet

You can create a new account immediately from the welcome screen. You can create a new account using seed phrase.

If you have already had an account with SubWallet

You might create a new account with a new seed phrase, or derive a new account from an existing account.
In this case, we are introducing creating new account with seed phrase.
Step 1: Open SubWallet homepage and click on the account name to get to the account management screen.
Step 2: In the account management screen, click Create new account.
Step 3: Choose "Create with new seed phrase".

Create account with new seed phrase

Step 1: SubWallet will present you with a new seed phrase. Please keep it in a safe place. Then click Continue.
This recovery phrase is as important as your private key; if someone has your recovery phrase, they will have full control of your account.
If, for instance, you forget your password, you will need your recovery phrase to import the account again and set up a new password.
Step 2: Enter your seed phrase in the correct order.
Step 3: Enter your SubWallet password and click "Apply" to confirm the creation of your new account.
After importing the new account into the wallet, you might want to change the account name. Please follow this guide.
For each seed phrase created with SubWallet, you would have a Substrate account and an EVM account. Substrate account would display your assets on Substrate-native blockchains (such as Polkadot, Kusama, and Acala), while EVM account would display your assets on EVM chains (such as Moonbeam).
Please note that in order to see your assets after importing your account, you would need to manually enable the networks you want to use & have assets on. Please follow this instruction to enable the networks you want to use.
SubWallet automatically enables Polkadot & Kusama networks for Substrate accounts, but you can disable them if you so wish.
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