Export & backup an account

This document will show you how to export & backup an account on SubWallet.

Export your private key in different forms of backup file, and use such backup file to restore & import the account again if you so wish.

Step 1: Open SubWallet's web dashboard and click on the account name to get to the account management screen.

Step 2: In the account management screen, click the edit icon on the right-hand side of the account you want to export.

Step 3: In the Account details section, choose "Export Account".

Step 4: Enter your password.

You will notice that even if you correctly enter your password, the "Confirm" button is still not available. You would need to choose your preferred form of export file to continue.

Step 5: Choose your preferred way(s) to export your private key and click "Confirm".

Please save and keep your backup files in a secure place.

Do not share these files because they contain your key; anyone who has these files would be able to use your assets.

Furthermore, you would need these backup files to restore your account in case you forget your SubWallet password.

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