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Protect Yourself from Scam

Fraud, phishing, whatever you call it.
SubWallet is installed on your computer; all data is stored on your computer as well. We do not collect and manage any user data, so you need to ensure safety with these steps:
  • Always protect your computer and keep your data secured.
  • Do not use SubWallet to access untrusted websites. We also support you with phishing prevention.
  • Carefully read through all information before granting access to any application.
  • Do not use SubWallet for high-volume assets. SubWallet aims to become a gateway to access Web3 applications, not a pocket to store money. Rather, you should use Cold Wallets such as Parity’s Parity Signer to secure large assets.
  • Always double-check before making transactions.
  • Never share your Private Key or Mnemonic Seed with anyone, even us. SubWallet does not collect any user's confidential information.
Last modified 6mo ago