Add new tokens unavailable in pre-defined list from dApp

This document will show you how to add a new token from dApp.

Currently, SubWallet only supports adding new tokens that adhere to the ERC-20 and PSP-22 standards.

Step 1: Open the dApp, then connect the dApp to SubWallet.

Here, we are using Astar Portal as an example.

If you have successfully connected with your wallet, your wallet address will be displayed as follows:

If you would like more detailed instructions on connecting a dApp, please click here.

Step 2: Choose the token you want to add to your wallet. Next, click on the Add to wallet symbol.

A SubWallet pop-up window will appear. Check the information carefully and then, click "Approve".

After following the above steps, you should click on to Manage tokens setting and search for the token you have added. If the token has displayed in the screen, then you have successfully added token from dApp.

If you want to manage tokens in your wallet, you can follow this instruction.

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