Apply master password

This document will show you how to apply master password on SubWallet.

If you have been using the beta version of the SubWallet extension wallet, when updating to the new official version, SubWallet will ask you to create and apply a master password to your existing accounts.

In this updated version, with the introduction of a master password, users would not have to enter a password with every transaction like the way it was in the beta version of the wallet.

You could also lock and unlock your wallet with the master password.

Step 1: Click "Create master password".

This will be the first screen in our new version.

Step 2: Choose a master password. Please remember your password because we cannot help you restore it once lost.

Then click "Continue".

Step 3: Click "Apply master password" to apply your newly created master password to the accounts you are managing with SubWallet.

Step 4: Enter your old password for each account and click "Next" to confirm the change.

You would need your old password for each account to confirm the change.

In this example, we are managing 3 accounts with the SubWallet beta version, so we would need to manually enter old password 3 times.

It can be tedious if you have many accounts with SubWallet, but this is the most secure way to let SubWallet know that it is you who is making the change.

Step 4: Click "Finish" and you have successfully updated your password.

Do not remember the old password

In case you do not remember the old password of your account, don't worry, the process can still be continued. As long as you have your seed phrase/JS backup file/private key/QR backup key, you can always re-import your account into the extension.

You can enter your old password wrong a maximum of 3 times. After that, click Remove this account and continue with the remaining accounts. When you finish migrating your accounts, import your forgotten account again using your seed phrase/JS backup file/private key/QR backup key. For instructions on how to import an account, click here.

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