Import tokens & manage customized tokens

This document will show you how to add your customized tokens and manage them with SubWallet.

Import your customized token

Step 1: Open SubWallet and click on the list item in the upper left corner to get to the Settings section.

Step 2: Choose Manage tokens. You would be redirected to a token list.

There is also another way to quickly access the Manage tokens setting.

First, scroll down to the end of the homepage.

Then, click on the Manage tokens button.

Step 3: In the token list, click the + button to add your customized token.

Step 4: Enter the required information. You need to specify the network you have the token on, and the contract address corresponding with that token. Then click Add token.

A completed input screen would look like the following image:

After successfully importing your customized token, if you repeat Step 2 and search for the token name in the search box, it should be found.

Manage your custom tokens

After importing your custom token and finding it on your token list, you can change its setup by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the token.

In the Token details screen, you can copy the contract address of the token or delete the token if you so wish.

Click the Delete button below to confirm the action.

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