This document will show you how to unstake in SubWallet.

Step 1: On SubWallet homepage, choose the Staking tab and click on the current staking activity that you want to unstake.

Step 2: Click the Unstake button.

There is also another way to proceed with this unstake action.

Click the three-dot icon on the left-hand side.

A pop-up window will appear. From there, select the Unstake button.

Step 3: Fill in the details for the unstaking request. Then click Unbond to proceed.

If you are in all-accounts mode like the current example, you would need to choose the staking account.

If you have already been in a single account, you would not have to select an account.

A completed unstaking request would look like the following image:

You may notice that there is a Max option when you enter the unstake amount. Please note that Max = Active bonded which means that choosing the "Max" option will unstake all your currently bonded balances.

When you manually enter the amount, if the unstake amount that you input makes the remaining active stake lower than the minimum active stake, SubWallet will automatically change it to "Max".

Step 4: Check the information carefully and then click Approve to confirm unstaking.

Step 5: The result is in!

You can see your staking transaction by clicking on the View transaction button below.

If you click View transaction, the wallet will show you the latest transaction record in your transaction history which corresponds with the extrinsic hash of this action.

By choosing the View on explorer button below, you will be directed to the Subscan website where you can see more detailed information about the transaction.

Please note that once unstaked, your funds will be available for withdrawal after 28 days.

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