Stake more

If you already staked tokens, this document will show you how to stake more on SubWallet.

Step 1: Open SubWallet and choose the "Staking" tab. Then click on the three-dot icon next to the stake you want to stake more for.

Step 2: Choose "Stake more".

Please note that if you nominate for validator and want to stake more, you can continue to stake for the previously selected validator or stake for a new validator. Additionally, you have the option to switch validators, which means that you can unstake from Validator A and choose a different validator to stake with.

Step 3: Fill in the staking request.

In the above example, we are in "All accounts" mode. If you are already in a single account mode, you would not have to select an account. Your staking request form would be like the following image:

Please note that with validator staking you can stake more by choosing the same validator as the previously performed staking.

An example of a completed stake more request would be the following:

To proceed, click the "Stake" button.

Step 4: Check the information and click "Approve" to confirm.

Step 5: Result is in!

If you click "View transaction", the wallet will show you the latest transaction record in your transaction history which corresponds with the extrinsic hash of this action.

To get to the transaction history tab, please follow this guide.

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