Withdraw unstaked funds

Withdraw your previously unstaked funds after the unstaking period.

Step 1: Open SubWallet and choose the Staking tab.

Then click the three-dot item on the right hand side of the stake you want to withdraw to see all the avaliable options.

Step 2: Choose the "Withdraw" option.

SubWallet automatically enable the "Withdraw" option if your unstaked period is due. If you check the available actions and see that some of the actions such as withdraw and claim rewards are not available, it might be the case that your unstaking period has not due yet, or that the protocol you are staking for are not allowing those options.

In any cases, we are happy to support you via Discord and Telegram.

Step 3: Choose the account for withdrawal.

You would notice that once an account is choosen, the withdraw amount would be automatically filled in.

This is because the amount of funds available for withdrawal has been determined before, by the protocol and by the unstaking action you had previously performed in the past.

In this example, we are in "All accounts" mode. If you are in a single-account mode, you would not have to go through Step 3.

If you wish to proceed with the action, click "Continue".

Step 4: Confirm withdrawal by clicking the "Approve" button.

Step 5: Result is in!

If you click "View transaction", the wallet would show you the latest transaction record in your transaction history which corresponds with the extrinsic hash of this action.

You could see your staking withdrawal transaction in the History tab. To get to the transaction history tab, please follow this guide.

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