View transaction history

This document will show how to track your transactions with the History page on SubWallet.

You can find the details of all your transactions including token send & receive, NFTs transaction, and staking on the History page.

Step 1: Open SubWallet homepage and choose the History tab.

You can see transaction history in both All accounts mode and single account mode. If you want to see the history of a specific account, simply switch to a single account mode and only transactions in such an account will be displayed as the example below.

To switch between these modes, please follow this guide.

Step 2: Click on the transaction you want to view the details of. For some types of transaction (such as send transaction on mainnets), you would also have the option to view on explorer. The example below is a send transaction of 0.01 ACA from the sender account named "Arrange" at 11:36 AM - Apr 08, 2023.

You might want to use the filter feature to see only transactions in a particular category. Click on the fader icon at the history search bar and then choose the type(s) of transaction you want to see.

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