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Version 0.2.9 and Later

From version 0.2.9 onwards, our Change Log will be updated on Github at the following address:

Version 0.2.8

Build date: Mar 18, 2022. Complete External Security audit Update:
  • Send and Receive NFT: Acala, RMRK, Quartz, Statemine
  • Support RMRK 2.0 NFT for Singular
  • Show Karura and Acala tokens balances: LCDOT, LDOT, DOT,aUSD, kUSD
  • Show Karura and Acala cross-chain assets: BNC, KINT, KSM, LKSM, PHA, TAI, kBTC, vsKSM, RMRK
  • Import Private key for EVM account from Metamask
  • Hide account balance
  • Customize avatar for All account screen
Bug Fixed:
  • Bug when search account
  • Temporary Remove export all account feature

Version 0.2.7

Build date: Mar 07, 2022. Complete internal security audit
  • Support H160 address only Token: $GLMR, $MOVR
  • Shows balance amount in multiple formats
  • Update Transactions history screen using SubQuery data
  • Update export Private key for Metamask
  • Improve NFT display performance
  • Add Bit.Country Testnet
Bug Fixed:
  • Fix request access UI
  • Fix Scan Address Qr UI
  • Fix RMRK's NFT display error by wrong metadata

Version 0.2.6

Build date: Mar 03, 2022. Complete internal security audit
  • Update Crowdloan Status
  • Update Crowdloan Link
  • Add Donate button
  • Add Moonbase Alpha Testnet
  • Update Sign and Request access screen
  • Some small UI update
  • Improve performance for Staking tab
  • Remove require enter account name when creating an account
Bug Fixed:
  • Karura's NFT display error

Version 0.2.4

Build date: Feb 22, 2022. Complete internal security audit
  • Run Yarn test for all features
  • Update Eslint for all features
Bug Fixed:
  • Can't show Kint Balance

Version 0.2.3

Build date: Feb 21, 2022. Complete internal security audit
  • Add Rococo explorer with Subscan
  • Add ParaID for Polkadex to view Polkadot crowdloan contributed

Version 0.2.2

Build date: Feb 19, 2022. Complete internal security audit
  • Added the feature to track the balances of multiple accounts in one wallet
  • Integration Quartz Network's NFT
  • Integration Layer 1 blockchain built on Substrate Aleph Zero
  • Displays Staking information of some networks in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem
Bugs Fixed:
  • Extension Crash due to memory overflow when loading NFT data
  • Unstable NFT data display when switching between multiple accounts

Version 0.2.1

Build date: Feb 10, 2022. Complete internal security audit

  • Update new architecture
  • Update new layout
  • Integration RMRK's NFT display feature
  • Integration Unique's NFT display feature
  • Integration Acala's NFT display feature
  • Add Polkadot and Kusama staking display feature

Version 0.1.0

Build date: Jan 25, 2022. Complete internal security audit

  • Packaged according to the standards of Firefox Extension
  • Add loading screen with SubWallet logo
  • Add mechanism to update Crowdloan data every second
Bugs Fixed:
  • No warning when entering the wrong password when restoring from JSON file

Version 0.0.3

Build date: Jan 16, 2022. Complete internal security audit

  • Crowdloan Balance Management
  • Add Rococo Relaychain Testnet
  • Add another network in Supported Network
  • Supported Brave, MS Edge, and Firefox

Version 0.0.2

Build date: Jan 10, 2022. Complete internal security audit.


  • Add option: Show zero balance when choosing to Allow use on any chain
  • Add screen: Transactions result when Send Fund
  • Add button view transaction on on Transactions result
  • Add Westend Relaychain Test Network
  • Add searchable for choose network input when creating new account
  • Add tooltip for send, receive and swap in the homepage
  • Update the wallet address format in the chain list
  • Update new style and Logo
  • Improved text color contrast
  • And some small change

Bugs Fixed

  • Do not automatically jump to the new account screen after restoring from the JSON file
  • No drop down to the selection screen when clicking input title in the send fund screen
  • Missing icon corner and border corner
  • Wrong slider state displayed in the screen manage Website Access
  • Logical error when searching for a network that has not combined both filter conditions.
  • Can't use the feature: Transfer the full account balance, reap the sender
  • And some UI bugs

Version 0.0.1

Build date: Jan 05, 2022 with basic features.

  • Create ccount
  • Restore and Import Account
  • Receive and Send Funds
  • Manage Account balance
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