Transfer on-chain

If you want to send tokens

Step 1: Click the Send button on your home screen.
Step 2: In the Send section, please choose your sending account, input the receiving account address, and the chain you want to transfer from and to. Then click Continue.
The above display applies when you start the action from the All accounts mode. If you start from a single-account mode, the wallet would automatically fill in the from account section with the address of the account you are currently in. You would not have to manually select a sending account. To see if you are in the All accounts mode or a single-account mode, please look at the account name on top of the home screen:
The following example would be a transfer within Rococo relay chain:
Step 3: Enter the amount you want to transfer. Then click Continue.
Step 4: Review your transaction. If you want to proceed, click Send.
Step 5: Enter your password and click Confirm.