Create a new account

This document will show you how to create a new account with seed phrase on SubWallet.

If this is the first time you install SubWallet

Step 1: After installing SubWallet extension, open the wallet and choose "Create a new account".

Step 2: Create a master password and click "Continue".

Please note that SubWallet is non-custodial, so you would be the only person who know your password; we cannot help you restore password once it is lost. Please make sure that your password is well-kept.

Step 3: Keep your recovery phrase (also known as seed phrase or secret phrase) in a safe place.

This recovery phrase is as important as your private key; if someone has your recovery phrase, they will have full control of your account.

If, for instance, you forget your password, you would need your recovery phrase to import the account again and set up a new password.

Step 4: Your account has been successfully set up. Click "Exit" to get to Homepage.

If you have already used SubWallet before

Step 1: Open SubWallet homepage and click on the account name to get to the account management screen.

Step 2: In the account management screen, click "Create a new account". Then choose "Create with new seed phrase".

Step 3: Choose the account type you want to create. Then, click "Confirm"

Step 4: Keep your recovery phrase (also known as seed phrase or secret phrase) in a safe place. Then, click on "I have saved it somewhere safe".

In the Homepage, if you click the account name, you would see your list of accounts. You could switch & select your accounts here. We also offer the "All accounts" mode in case you need a quick glance of your total assets.

For each seed phrase created with SubWallet, you would have a Substrate account and an EVM account. Substrate account would display your assets on Substrate-native blockchains (such as Polkadot, Kusama, Acala), while EVM account would display your assets on EVM chains (such as Moonbeam).

Please note that in order to see your assets, your would need to manually enable the networks you want to use & have assets on. Please follow this instruction to enable the networks you want to use.

SubWallet automatically enable Polkadot & Kusama networks for Substrate accounts, but you can disable them if you so wish.

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